Privacy Policy (hereinafter appertained to as “”) is concerned about your sequestration.
Please read the following to learn further about's sequestration policy. This sequestration Policy is in agreement between you and us as per International Laws, specified there under,(“ Applicable Law ”) that's intended to give you clear and complete information about your treatment of the identifiable data and information that collects in connection with the services offered by and the way youridentifiable information and data is stored and used by Identifiable Information means any information that relates to a natural person, which, either directly or laterally, in combination with other information available or likely to be available with, is able of relating similar person. Thus, information similar to your name, age, gender, address, telephone number, and any other particular information that we collect, in combination with any other information about yourself, which is able of relating to yourself, is known as identifiable information.

What this Privacy Policy Covers

This Privacy Policy covers’s treatment the your personally identifiable information that collects when you subscribe to the software solutions and services that offers and when you use the services of that are, or as and when they are available in the future, on’s website. This policy also covers’s treatment of your personally identifiable information that’s business partners share with, which you may have disclosed to such business partners. This policy does not apply to companies or entities that does not own or control or has no contractual relationship with or to people that does not employ, engage or manage. If you are choosing not to share your details then might be we unable to respond to any queries that you may have.

Information Collection and Use collects personally identifiable information when you register with, either through’s website located at URL, or through a physically offline method when you purchase’s software and register online at’s website to use such offline purchased software; and when you use certain’s services that are available on’s website, when you visit the web pages of’s website, or when you download any software that is offered under license for subscription or otherwise. may also receive personally identifiable information about yourself through its business partners, as stated above. When you register with, asks you for your full name, email address, mobile / telephone number, birth date, location/address, gender, occupation, industry and any other information that believes is necessary to effectively provide its services to you. Once you register with, you are not anonymous to also automatically receives and records information on’s server logs from your browser including your IP address,’s Cookie information and the webpage you have requested to view. In addition, when you use’s services, you may make some of your personal information public. If you post personal information online that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return. You alone will be entirely responsible for any personally identifiable information that you voluntarily post on any public areas of’s website. absolutely disclaims any liability or responsibility for any disclosure by you or anyone on your behalf of any of your personally identifiable information, which may be posted on any public areas of’s website. uses your information to provide the services that you seek from by subscribing to any of the software solutions and services that are offered by, for the content you see, to fulfill your requests for certain services and other offers of, and to contact you about any special offers and new services, that offers, or may offer at any time in the future. may also use your personally identifiable information for internal purposes, such as auditing, data analysis, and research to improve our products and services and customer communications.

Your Ability to Edit and Delete Your Account Information and Preferences gives you the capability to edit the information (that is logged in when you register on’s website to pierce the software services and information handed by, and preferences at any time, including whether you want to communicate with you about offers, etc., and any new software results or services that it offers in the future.

Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information

We also collect data in a form that does not, on its own, permit direct association with any specific existent. We may collect, use, transfer, and expose-personal information for any purpose. The following are some exemplifications of non-personal information that we collect and how we may use it. We may collect information similar to occupation, language, zip law, area law, unique device identifier, referrer URL, and position so that we can understand client information and ameliorate our products, services, and advertising. We may collect information regarding client conditioning on our website, and from our other products and services offered by us. This information is added up and used to help us give further useful information to our guests and to understand which corridor of our website, products, and services are of utmost interest. Added-up data is considerednon-personal information for the purposes of this sequestration Policy. We may collect and store details of how you use our services, including hunt queries. This information may be used to ameliorate the applicability of results handed by our services. Except in limited cases to ensurethe quality of our services over the Internet, similar information won't be associated with your IPaddress.If we do combinenon-personal information with tête-à-tête identifiable information the concerted information will be treated asidentifiable information for as long as it remains combined.

Information Collection and Use will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to will divulge personally identifiable information about you to other companies or people or entities when: has your specific written consent to share the information, which will request from you, as and when the need arises; With its business partners to provide the services that you have requested from needs to share the information with certain service partners in order to respond to your comments or resolve service issues. (Unless informs you differently, these partners have no independent right to use your information except to respond to your comments or to resolve the service issues). There are any requests from any government, security agencies, law enforcement agencies, defense, revenue, regulatory or other authority, agency, or officers. will respond to any court summons, court orders, or legal process; or believes it is necessary to share information in order to investigate and prevent if there are any illegal activities and need to take action for it, suspected actions, or as otherwise required by law. may transfer information about you if is acquired by or merged with another company. In this event, will notify you before information about you is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy. finds that you have violated the Terms of Service / Terms of Use applicable to your use of the website or any of’s software solutions and services or usage guidelines for specific services.

Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information

We may collect information such as occupation, language, zip code, area code, unique device identifier, referrer URL, and location so that we can better understand customer behavior and improve our products, services, and advertising. Aggregated data is considered non-personal information for the purposes of this Privacy Policy. We may collect and store details of how you use our services, including search queries. This information may be used to improve the relevancy of results provided by our services. Except in limited instances to ensure the quality of our services over the Internet, such information will not be associated with your IP address. If we do combine non-personal information with personally identifiable information the combined information will be treated as personally identifiable information for as long as it remains combined.

In certain areas, uses industry-standard encryption to protect data transmissions.

Changes to this Privacy Policy may update this privacy policy from time to time according to requirement. If makes any substantial changes in the way uses your personally identifiable information will notify you by posting a prominent announcement on’s web pages.


कभी-कभी निशुल्क रिपोर्ट्स की सेवा के आग्रहकर्ताओं की संख्या बहुत अधिक हो जाती है, ऐसी दशा में हमें कुछ समय (आमतौर पर एक या 2 दिन के लिए) के लिए, निशुल्क रिपोर्ट की सेवा को स्थगित करना पड़ता है, परंतु हमारा निरंतर प्रयास होता है कि जल्द से जल्द इस सेवा को प्रदान कर सकें। अतः आप इसके लिए कुछ समय बाद पुनः प्रयास कर सकते हैं। धन्यवाद


यदि आप फ़ोन पर सलाह लेना चाहते है तो , पेड अपॉइंटमेंट बुक कर सकते है , हम आपकी पत्री जांचने के पश्चात आपको फ़ोन द्वारा 30 मिनट का समय प्रदान करेंगे और आपकी जिज्ञासा व् प्रश्नो के उत्तर देंगे।
यदि किसी कारणवश आप निर्धारित समय पर उपलप्ध नहीं हो पाते है तो आपको अधिकतम 3 बार समय दिया जायेगा। उसके पश्चात समय देना संभव नहीं होगा


आपसे अनुरोध है की किसी भी नंबर पर कॉल न करें। यदि कोई समस्या है तो ईमेल कर सकते है , हम उसका जवाब देंगे। लेकिन समय की अनुप्लब्धता के कारण फोन पर संपर्क नहीं हो पायेगा , यदि जरूरत होगी तो हम आपको संपर्क करेंगे।

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